Hello! It was anxiety filling up our head when we entered the doors of Evergreen Public School for probably the last time on 29th. I would have rather used the term-‘biding adieu’, but I don’t think that would be the best way to deliver it, after all the ‘real’ exams have just begun. We entered […]


HELLO! ‘It is wonderful to see all the people dancing around the valley of death in  synchronized moves and welcoming their doom a if they are enjoying a birthday party.’ said the demon while he was enjoying feasting on the flesh of one of his victims. Castiello, his faithful servant, bowed before his master and […]


Hello! Wonderful is this day when we walk free of all the evil forebodings we had of this subject, which, in its’ greatest form is the perpetrator of all science we study today. Too complicated eh..? We fucked this subject today and left it altogether with no fear at all.Not to mention that it fucked us […]