I see U

Being altruistic!
Being altruistic!

I see U

I see you

I see through you

You look so fun

But you are lonelier than a nun

You keep up

You look straight

But you wear a dozen masks

Just to sound gay


I look everywhere

I see the people around

I see through them

They are all transparent

Open as the sun


You look sad

Did you get criticised?

For being so lame

Or did your loved one

Had another game?

I can’t cheer you up

Can’t create hope

For being someone else

Takes the best out of your own

Get up, look through me

I have a dozen masks on


Borrow one

To encapsulate your pain


Every 1 out of 10

You find someone like me

An altruist with no agenda in hands

Just a book and a pen

To carry to his grave


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