I am in a state of mind where everything seems so mundane that I don’t feel the essence of life. The transient nature of things seems to sicken my senses. The unyielding stagnancy of life, as one might say. It is when you drown yourself into a moment of brief inebriation. When the senses, as […]

Castrated contentment

 Castrated contentment  Bells ting Curtains rise The bounty of a day   Brings different tides If one goes south The other turns north Strength of reason Dissolved with salt Ensure your sustenance Then get insecure For the person who stood Shoulder to you In your chore   Don’t judge yourself For you ain’t the only […]


Well now that I am about to enter the sophomore year, I think the first year has belittled the sense of authority over me. It has left me in a place of unrecognized anguish, a vortex of unidentified qualms which seem to accentuate with Mumbai’s heat. When I started in this college, I never imagined […]

That one girl :P

Crushes!   I have a crush on you Yeah, you heard me right I don’t know you at all But looking at you Makes me smile The way you walk The way you push that Tiny lock of hair aside All that made me fluttery inside Yeah, I have a crush on you Suppose you […]


At a time, we are at the crescendo of our success. And the next moment, we are the crestfallen hypocrites trying to survive the banter of our own loved ones. We can’t question the ethics department in this matter. Neither can we soothe our grieving heart for its malfeasance. All people live to be understood […]