Castrated contentment

 Castrated contentment

 Bells ting

Curtains rise

The bounty of a day  

Brings different tides

If one goes south

The other turns north

Strength of reason

Dissolved with salt

Ensure your sustenance

Then get insecure

For the person who stood

Shoulder to you

In your chore


Don’t judge yourself

For you ain’t the only

Playing biased my friend

People have managed to cheat

In this game

So ‘righteously’ perceived

Universally accepted

Psychologically diseased

A billion men on this planet

Fighting for others regime

For theirs ain’t enough

Conscience is aware of more

When the ‘want’ gets wanton

And takes its toll

Crushed like an ant

We fall from the slope

Realizing gradually

That contentment

Is much hyped in words

For in reality it is

Castrated for life



I Like what i do
I do what i like

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