I am in a state of mind where everything seems so mundane that I don’t feel the essence of life. The transient nature of things seems to sicken my senses. The unyielding stagnancy of life, as one might say. It is when you drown yourself into a moment of brief inebriation. When the senses, as controlled they might seem, flicker like the whims of a burning candle by the window on a desolate night. So unbiased that they either retreat silently or let the emotions run smooth. And then the moment ends. You have a secondary phase of unarmed senses when you are completely vulnerable- ‘Vulnerable to any good or evil in this world’.

You just draw comfort from the fact that the world has something to give and you have accepted it graciously without complaining about its nature.

This is when decisions may affect your life.

This is when you may confess to your crush.

This is when you may do something undoable.

This is when you may become famous.

You aren’t drunk. You aren’t sleeping. You are just experiencing a very different sector of life which was hibernated and needed to be realized before it pushed you further into the abyss of incomprehensible apathy.

It is called a ‘chance’.



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