One last Kiss

When love is not lost, but captured in a moment, tucked away in a bottle, and settled in the depths of your the ocean- your heart.


There would be a moment when you would be thinking something. You will be thinking…thinking…thinking… And BAAAAAAM! The next moment you realize that whatever you were thinking gets cleared up in the millionth of a second. It’s like you were brainwashed. You don’t care what you were thinking. Instead, you smile at the abnormality of […]

It’s in our nature to dream big, to be recognized. We do what we do to get one step ahead of someone. Life may give lemons at times, but it’s just a matter of time those lemons change into a glass of lemonade to endeavor the next journey of life. We do have our ups […]

It seems like it was meant to start in the end. The year had a fleeting essence to it. It was like everything was mixed up in a bag and hurled round and round with pieces crumbling and falling over at distant places. I had no schedule, no classes to attend, no relatives to visit, […]

He couldn’t say no!

Raj was engrossed in his work. He had set to complete his physics assignment before the sun falls down. He had been procrastinating over this for long now, and it finally hit him hard a day before submission. He really didn’t care what his roommates were doing. He just didn’t want to lose this newly found conscience […]